Closure of the livestock trade division

Closure of the livestock trade division

News Sep. 27, 2019

Closing of the livestock trade division

Complete closing of the livestock trade division at national and international level by 31.12.2019

By the end of 2019, Bayern-Genetik GmbH will completely close its livestock trading division in Germany and abroad. Economic reasons and the concentration on the core business are the background to this decision.

Livestock trading is generally characterised by intense competition and narrow margins. Current market developments are exerting additional pressure on prices. Despite intensive efforts, Bayern-Genetik GmbH was unable to achieve the planned economic development steps in domestic livestock trading. The success of Bayern-Genetik in the area of breeding cattle exports was and is remarkable. Especially in this area, however, formal requirements are increasing and resources are being tied up - the risk is rising.

Taking these circumstances into account, the entire livestock trading division will be closed by 31 December 2019. The Sprillbek site with an approved EU collection point is closed.

In future, Bayern-Genetik will concentrate even more strongly on its core business areas of cattle insemination (Germany) and the sale of bull and boar semen (Germany, International). Bayern-Genetik will focus on defending its leading position in boar semen (Bavarian genetics) and expanding its nationwide and worldwide leading position in Fleckvieh semen in the future.

Cattle trade center in Sprillbek