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Cows in USA will change

Cows in USA will change

News Jun. 09, 2022
Kühe in den USA verändern sich_Emke V. Randy


Prof. Dr. Jack Britt van de North Carolina State University opened the annual year conference of the American Dairy Industry with a sensational presentation. He looked forward to the future and gave his listeners some remarkable conclusions:

  • In the near future most of the milk will be produced bij crossbred cows, more than by purebred cows. This is because crossbreds excel the pure Holsteins and Jersey cows in fertility, health and CO2 footprint.
  • In the near future there will be more beef out of milk than beef out of beef. This is because beef out of dairycows is more than 50% less harmful for enviroment than beef out of beef.

Source: Maureen Hanson, Farm Journal

Photo: Emke, 94% Fleckvieh. Production as 3-rd calf: 60 liter/day, 13.400kg milk. Prof. Jack Britt is convinced that this type of cow is the cow fort he future in USA.