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Grazing cows most efficient with protein

Grazing cows most efficient with protein

News Mai. 27, 2022
Weidehaltung und Eiweiß Effizienz


Grazing cows that are only fed by gras produce 3.5 kilo edible protein from every kilo edible protein they eat. So they produce much more human edible protein, through milk and beef, than they eat themselves.

The research was done by the Flamisch institute ILVO. Cows that are intensively fed with mais and supplemented with top quality protein products still have a protein efficiency of 1.26. Beef cattle on gras reach a protein efficiency of 1.72. Pigs have 1.36 and laying hens come up to 1.30. Broiler chicken are not that protein efficient as thought, they only reach 0.96.

This is for the first time that a research station took a look on the role of dairy industry on the point of protein production for human consumption.

Photo: Grazing cows produce most efficient protein for human consumption by milk and beef