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Just some Fleckvieh cows

Just some Fleckvieh cows

News Jun. 24, 2022
aalt van de bunt v,l.n.r. Wolgasand, Mahango, Poseidon

Farmer Aalt shows us just some of his heavy muscling Fleckvieh cows:

“On the left hand you see a 3-rd calf Wolgasand cow, producing more than 9000kgs of milk each year with 4.60% fat and 3.60% protein. One of my nicest cows for type.

In the middle a Mahango Pp daughter with 10.000kgs of milk in average. She goes over 500kg of slaughterweight when I fatten her. I am a real Mahango fan.

On the right hand a Poseidon daughter. Troublefree, persistent, just a nice cow. Starts with 40 liters/day en must be dried off with 25kgs of milk/day. These type of dualpurpose cows bring me the bonus on their milkproduction. Make farming quit relaxet”, Aalt says with a smile on his face.