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Walfried and Rijeka highest durability

Walfried and Rijeka highest durability

News Mär. 25, 2022


The Dutch independant Herdbook organization NVO scores Walfried an Rijeka as the Fleckvieh bulls with the highest durability scores. In the first lactation Walfried scores and exceptional 94% of his daughters that finish the complete first lactation. This is no wonder because Walfried is out of a dam with over 80.000kgs of milk. And her granddam is over 100-tons of milk. Both cows are still in production.

Rijeka scores the sceond highest durability with 91% of his daughters finishing the first lactation. Its no daubt where Rijeka got his talent for durability from. Great granddam Liebe is allready 25 years old and stil going strong. She breeds her strong body and her fitness to her progeny. The Rijeka daughters combine ideal type and top fertility.

The Bayern Genetik top sire Waldhoer still is no 1 overall races on the point of durability in Holland. Waldhoer scores 89% in the first lactation and 53% in the fourth lactation.

Fototext: Rijeka and Walfried breed dairycows with super longvity