SuckStop Müller

SuckStop Müller

The first nose ring that irritates the sucker and not the sucked animal

The innovative and novel SuckStop Müller was developed by Bayern-Genetik in cooperation with Spritzguss Müller. It convinces by its easy handling, the learning effect achieved for the animal and the improvement of animal welfare.

Why SuckStop?

  • First nose ring that really helps!
  • First ring that irritates the "sucker" and doesn't try to disturb the animal to be sucked on or cause pain etc.
  • The ring is "unbreakable".
  • The ring can be used without pliers. Pull apart with your hands and insert into the nose with the pimples facing upwards.
  • The animals do not mourn after insertion - eat and drink normally - there is no pain when inserting or removing the animals.
  • If there is a strong pull on the ring, it is "pulled out" without injury and can be used again quickly.
SuckStop Müller Nasenring

Particularly easy to use

The nose ring can be easily inserted and removed. The ring has a certain elasticity which allows it to be used without any aids. The nose ring is hooked into one side of the nose and inserted into the other side by stretching the ring. The extension points upwards.

In farms with major problems with suckling, it is recommended that all newborn calves be equipped with a small SuckStop and removed after weaning. Experience from a bachelor thesis at the University of Applied Sciences Weihenstephan-Triedorf has shown that suckling calves have no problems with drinking, eating or mourning.

When using the SuckStops, it was found that the cattle stop the annoying urine drinking.

Cows or cattle with abnormal movements of the tongue ("Blescheln") turn off this vice with Suckstop.

Long-term learning effect

Conventional nose rings have outwardly directed spines that irritate the other animal and lead to a defensive reaction. The animal with a strong need to suck does not learn from this situation. The situation is different with the new and innovative SuckStop Müller. This corrects the sucking animal. The inwardly directed, rounded projections press the animal into the nose when sucking on another animal. This impulse disturbs the sucking process and prevents the animal from misbehaving. A long-term learning effect can be seen after only a few weeks.

Improvement of animal welfare

The innovative cattle sucking weaner is used and fastened without any aids. The ring cannot be attached too tightly and the nasal septum is not damaged.

The animals with newly attached rings absorb food and water again after a short time as they do not feel any pain. Nipple and tongue drinks are also easily used by the animals with the SuckStop Müller. Thus it comes to no performance losses in the herd.